How to upload a product

  • To create a product, select product on the bottom of the app.
  • Then select the plus sign on the top right corner.
  • Select add product to take you to a new page.
    • We are going to start with getting the description...

Flip back to your albums and find the product you want to add. We're gonna add this golden piece.

Copy the description here and flip back to the shopify app.


  • Select description and paste the information into the description field.
  • Copy the title out of the description
  • Remember the price and remove it also from the description.



  • Paste the title in and input the price.
  • When typing price, don't forget to add a few extra zeros to complete the price!

    • Next select upload media
    • Click the grid tile


  • Click over to albums
  • Select the shared album
  • Press with your finger and drag left and up to group select photos

    • Now to update the inventory select "more" under the photo
    • Click the edit locations on the right above the plus signs


  • Uncheck the other locations that do not apply to you.
  • Finally add the stock which does apply to this product
  • (Variants are more complicated and will be address in a different presentation later.)

    Now let’s get into the details. 

    • Click the little up arrow on the bottom right and pull up the menu. 
    • Select the shipping tab and set the weight, make sure it’s measured in lbs. 

    Now go into the next tab “product organization. This is important to being able to track what is yours.

    In the page you have the 3 fields,

    • Tags
    • Vendor
    • Type

    Start with tags, type your name and anything relevant to help form categories later like color, material, or brand / maker.



    Very importantly put your name as the vendor. This is key to organizing our future financial reports.

    Under the “type” field just put “decor” or any other relevant category. This is so google can list our items.

    The next few steps are also for google to be able to list the item without a barcode and manufacturer info.

    • Select metafields at the very bottom

    • Under custom select - “TRUE”
    • Condition select - “USED”

    For your LAST step.

    At the very top click the active tab and switch to draft to make sure it doesn’t post before it can be reviewed. 

    Save your hard work and sit back, your product should be online in no time!


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