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Capodimonte Porcelain Horse Drawn Royal Carriage

Capodimonte Porcelain Horse Drawn Royal Carriage

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This is a Capodimonte statement piece of Art! Made in mid 19 Century, a Cinderella’s Horse Drawn Carriage. 
It futures 4 horses with chain reigns, a coachman and Cinderella wearing a pink ball gown inside the carriage which is adorned with flowers. 
There are a hairline on one of the horses leg, and a chip on three flowers. Please note, as a capodimonte vintage piece know by these raised flowers with many details it is almost impossible find in pristine condition. We would say it is loving marks and overall displays beautifully!! 
Marked on the bottom with the crown capodimonte mark. The measurements are approximately 14.5”long x 7”high x 5” width 

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